Make God Famous

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Get ready to learn how to go from villian to hero to beyond your best self!
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Introducing the Make God Famous Book

Introducing the Make God Famous book by Joe Moss II - a resource that encompasses close to twenty years of knowledge, experience, and instruction to help become the best version of yourself. We here at Jotivation | BlessBodyFit are excited to share this incredible resource which will be available through many online retailers such as Amazon, in addition to becoming available at through a digital purchase. For questions or any additional information not listed here on our site, please feel free to reach out to us via, or you can reach out to Joe directly at for more details.

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • How to become the best version of yourself!
  • How to identity God's purpose and passion for your life!
  • How to change your mindset (from a villain to a superhero)
  • How to improve your health through diet and exercise
  • How to better manage your nutrition
  • How to manage your time wisely to be effective for God, your family, and your purpose!
  • How to become a true follower of God and know His will!
  • How to engage in practical activities and habits to drive you to success

Latest Media Updates

Follow us on our Jotivation | BlessBodyFit YouTube channel for the latest updates and for lots of free content and resources around our lifestyle coaching and upcoming on-demand training.

Launch Schedule

June 2002

Sports Coaching

Youngstown, OH
Joe begins his coaching career as an assistant high school football coach. He would go on to coach wrestling soon afterwards.

May 2005

Exercise Physiology

Youngstown, OH
Joe began working as an Exercise Physiologist.

June 2007

Additional Coaching

Youngstown, OH
Joe became Hickory high school's strength and conditioning coach in Hermitage, PA. He helped coach athletes to win from multiple sports including soccer, football, softball, baseball, basketball, and track & field-including state championships in 2012.

November 2011

BlessBody Fit Studio

Youngstown, OH
The first BlessBody Fit studio opens in Youngstown, OH.

November 2015

BlessBody Fit Vision

Youngstown, OH
Joe and the tech team share a vision and make plans to work on a platform that would provide the means to expand outreach on the web and beyond the walls of BlessBody Fit Studio.

September 2019

TEDx Talk - Youngstown, OH

Youngstown, OH
Joe speaks gives a TEDx Talk on "How Motivation is Killing Our Relationship with Success."

February 2023

Official Book Release! Available Now!

Amazon and other major distributors
The official book lauch is live and available on Amazon! Click on the Purchase Now button on our website to order now! You can also click the Subscribe Now button on our website, and we'll continue to send out notifications to subscribers and post on our website and social media. We are excited about this launch, and we are excited to share this great resource with you to make God famous!

February 2023

Official Jotivation Website
The official Jotivation website is now live! We'll continue to update our website regularly with new links and resources to help you become the best version of yourslef and to share more info and links for the Make God Famous book launch.

August 2024

Official Jotivation | BlessBody Fit Academy Release! |
The Jotivation | BlessBodyFit Academy online training platform content releases soon! Finally, after seven years of casting vision, working with the technical team on building the software platform and website components necessary and organizing and creating concepts and content for us to host on our platform, the on-demand and group training platform will be releasing in summer of 2024, and this has been a vision that has been seven years in the making! We are excited to have this as a companion tool to everything that you will be learning from the Make God Famous book. We will keep you posted once the official account sign-up and sign-in pages are ready and accessible to the general public! Thank you, and stay tuned!

Meet Joe Moss II

Joe Moss II is the founder and owner of BlessBody Fit and the Jotivation motivational content series. He also broadcasts regularly through the Finding Your Water podcast on Spotify and the Make God Famous series on BlessBody Fit's YouTube channel. Joe has twenty years of experience, a Masters degree in Exercise Science, and numerous certifications in health, exercise, and nutrition. He has helped countless clients become the "best version" of themselves through motivation, physical training, nutritional consultations, spiritual mentorship, and preaching and proclaiming God's Word through the Bible. The Make God Famous book encompasses all of Joe's experience and history as a life coach and shares his thoughts and perspectives on how we can live to our full potential in Christ. In addition to staying notified about Joe's upcoming book, scroll down below to the contact information section, if you are interested in working with him 1-1 or through group training!

Joe Moss II

Life Coach | Author | Trainer

Jotivation | BlessBody Fit

Jotivation | BlessBody Fit Academy is Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that in addition to the release of the Make God Famous book, we will also be lauching an online life coaching and fitness platform for online members to take advantage of on-demand programs, articles, videos, and even on-demand courses!

On-Demand Programs

Get ready for on-demand training through BlessBody Fit Academy with your main man: Joe Moss II! We've got exciting content coming soon that will give you the ability to train with our proprietary life coaching series from a virtual delivery system! The on-demand training will provide you with training in many areas of life!

Video | Articles

Get ready and get excited for upcoming online articles and weekly videos when the BlessBody Fit Academy becomes available! This new platform will provide you the means to train with us virtually and in a remote fashion and allow you to join a great community of members and subscribers!

On-Demand Courses

There's nothing like accountability to give you the support system that you need. That's why we are going to be offering on-demand courses that small and large groups can work through the training together! We will be able to tailor specific content for just the general public or for niche groups who want to work together on their goals!

Online Service Benefits

  • BlessBody Fit Academy Videos - On-Demand
  • Courses and Training Resources
  • Nutrition Calculators and Education
  • Online Articles, Books & Resources
  • Group Training Packages, and more!

Facility Contact Information

Offering 1-1 & Group Training!

We always welcome the opportunity to coach and train in both group and 1-1 sessions. If you have the ability to meet either in-person for via a remote and virtual consultation, we would love to speak with you and help and serve you in reaching your goals! Our contact information and address are listed below. Please reach out to us anytime with any questions or interests that you may have!

Meet Virtually

Call or email us today to setup a virtual consulation. We would love to speak with you via virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, etc!

Meet In-Person

Call or email us today to setup an in-person consulation! We would love to speak with you and help coach and train you at our facility!

Facility Information

Come visit us at our primary facility in Youngstown, OH! We would love assist with either individual training/consulations or through a group training package.

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