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Introducing Our On-Demand Platform!

Get in shape physically and spiritually with our comprehensive virtual life coaching and fitness training platform! Starting and subscribing with us gives you the following benefits with your online account.

  • Access to Instructional Videos
  • Access to Articles and Latest News
  • Access to Video Training Programs
  • Access to On-Demand Courses
  • Online Account Help & Support
  • Variety of Subscription Options

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Additional Service Details

Our platform subscriptions provides you with personalized life coaching and fitness plans based on your goals and time.
With your subscription, you will be able to access both recorded and live, interactive virtual sessions with a certified and seasoned coach.
Your subscription will also provie you with nutritional guidance and meal planning support, including an online nutrient calculator to organize your meal plans and run reports.
Additionally, your subscription will prive you access to a variety of articles, weekly videos, full programs, and even on-demand courses.
You will also gain access to a private online community for support and accountability.
The platform also proves easy online account and subscription management with a 15-day money back guarantee after signing up for one of the available subscription terms.
Most importantly, your online subscription will also include bonus content such as devotionals and Bible study resources, in order to help you stay healthy spiritually as well as physically!
Many people struggle to find time for self-care and physical fitness.
Most people want to able to serve and take of others (family, community, etc.) when they are at their best, but they may feel held back by poor health and lack of energy.
As a result, a virtual and remote platform is the perfect solution to access on-demand help and training at our most convenient times within our busy lives!
We expect to release our platform in the early part of 2023! You can signup below for notifications and updates, and we'll let you know as soon as the signup page is live for new members!
You can also read our general FAQ below for more information about our lauch and release schedule, subscription management, customer support, and many other topics, etc.

Meet The Founder - Joe Moss II

Joe Moss II is the founder and owner of BlessBody Fit and the Jotivation motivational content series. He also broadcasts regularly through the Finding Your Water podcast on Spotify and the Make God Famous series on BlessBody Fit's YouTube channel. Joe has twenty years of experience, a Masters degree in Exercise Science, and numerous certifications in health, exercise, and nutrition. He has helped countless clients become the "best version" of themselves through motivation, physical training, nutritional consultations, spiritual mentorship, and preaching and proclaiming God's Word through the Bible. The Make God Famous book encompasses all of Joe's experience and history as a life coach and shares his thoughts and perspectives on how we can live to our full potential in Christ. In addition to staying notified about Joe's upcoming book, scroll down below to the contact information section, if you are interested in working with him 1-1 or through group training!

Subscription Options

Monthly Subscription

Auto-billed Monthly
By subscribing you will gain the following benefits:
  • Access to all content, including articles, videos, programs, and even courses!
  • Automated monthly billing. 5-Day money back guarantee. Cancel at anytime.

Three-Month Subscription

Auto-billed Quarterly
By subscribing you will gain the following benefits:
  • Access to all content, including articles, videos, programs, and even courses!
  • $25 in total savings!
  • Automated quarterly billing. 15-Day money back guarantee or cancel after the commitment period.

Six-Month Subscription

Auto-billed Semi-Annually
By subscribing you will gain the following benefits:
  • Access to all content, including articles, videos, programs, and even courses!
  • $50 in total savings!
  • Automated semi-annual billing. 15-Day money back guarantee or cancel after the commitment period.

Ready to Get Started?

We our expecting to make the Sign-up page available in the early part of 2023. In the meantime, you can still stay informed through notifications and updates via our mailing list. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to sharing you the official release of the on-demand platform soon!

Stay Tuned for the Official Release!

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Who is BlessBody Fit Academy suited for?

Everyone is welcome! When the platform becomes live to the general public, you will be able to follow the sign-up links to create your account and agree to the terms and conditions of using your online account through the platform. Immediately after that, in order to access content, you will need to subscribe to one of the subscriptions options mentioned in our pricing table. Therefore, you will need a major credit card, debit card, or another online payment format or source to complete your subscription.

How is the content accessed?

Simply signing up, logging in, and subscribing to the service will give you access to your account pages and dashboard, where you can access the lastest articles, weekly videos, full programs, and even available courses with your account. Most mobile devices and desktop browsers will work with the platform portal site. However, we reccomend using Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge, or any other major browser when viewing content online, etc. In future versions and upgrades of our platform, we will also plan on making a mobile application be available to both IOS and Android based devices. So stay tuned for updates later this year when that app is available to use on your mobile devices to use the service!

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Our platform works very similarly many other types of online subscription-based services. For monthly subscriptions, you can cancel and be fully refunded within the first 5-days after you subscribe. After that, you can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime to prevent auto-renews from occuring at the next billing cycle, etc. For three-month and six-month subscriptions, the policy is the same, except that you have up to 15-days from your subscription start date to be fully refunded if the subscription is cancelled. Prices are subject to change during special sales and other events, etc.

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Also, don't forget to check out our new training manual and book by Joe Moss II: "Make God Famous" today! This book is now officially available on Amazon for purchase.
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