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Welcome! I'm Joss Moss II, the head trainer for Jotivation and BlessBody Fit. It takes more than just signing up for a gym membership to succeed. With our online programs, you will receive goals, activities, and encouragement from me and my staff. We will help you in maximizing your body's potential, while helping you reach fitness goals that suit your individual needs. In addition, we provide nutritional guidance and proven techniques for helping your body recover, so that your body can reap the benefits of all the hard work that you are doing. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me, if you have any questions. Our Support Email and general contact information is located below for your convenience. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you achieve your goals!


Joe Moss II Trainer/Specialist

Meet the Trainers

Joe Moss II

Joe Moss II


Joe Moss II is a personal trainer, strength coach, and group exercise instructor. He is also the founder and owner of BlessBody Fit in Youngstown, Ohio. Joe specializes in helping people develop healthy lifestyle habits so that they can get into the best shape of their life and stay there.

Online Training

We are excited to make our online programs available via the web. Through our online programs, you can work at your own pace. Each online program contains a combination of nutrition plans, workout plans, daily activities, and or video instructions


Take advantage of our online programs. You can work at your pace, track your progress, and ask our trainers questions. Many programs come with nutritional plans, workout plans, and or video instructions. Each program is designed to help you reach your maximum potential


Take advantage of our online videos instructions. Our instructions provide examples and details to complete the proper movements in our onine programs. In addition, many videos are free to registered members while others are included with a membership (coming soon)


Take advantage of our online health and wellness articles. Our trainers will regularly be posting new article content which is free to registered users, members, and the public. In addition, registered users and members can post questions or feedback on various article topics


Coming soon, we will be offering a full online membership with different pricing tiers, based on what membership period is purchased. With an online membership, you will gain access to online programs, videos, and other resources than regular registered users (coming soon)

Success Stories

"Training style is unlike anything that I have ever experienced.... It's a great environment to work-out in. I'm twenty pounds down and have only twenty more to go!"

Wade - Group Training Client

"Joe's programs are world class programs. This is a place that will help you get right physically and sprititually. He really challenges you in positive ways."

Weymen - Personal Training Client

"I believe that engaging in Joe's training is one of the best decisions that I've ever made in my life. Joe Moss is definitely incredible to work with."

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